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Gianni's Pizza & Subs

861 Edgell Road

Framingham, MA  01701




Hours of Operation


Monday-Saturday 11:00-8:30

Please have all order in by 8:00


Sunday - CLOSED


Sorry!  We are CASH ONLY





Loyal to Gianni's since the first Bush administration. I grew up nearby and even as a NYC resident now (with great pizza every 5 blocks) I still love coming back here when I visit. The pizza is great and the subs never miss. For additional context my fiancée just had her first Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia and still prefers a Gino special...


In my opinion the best pizza in town; their appetizers, meals, and grinders are spot on as well...the only disadvantage is that they only take cash.


Love this pizza place, sauce is awesome!


Best pizza in massachusetts. Hands down delicious, worth every penny.


If you like Italian style pizza like that from NY/NJ, you'll LOVE Gianni's. Simply the best pizza around metrowest -- You should take my review seriously as I don't take pizza lightly! :-)


THE!!! Best Pizza in metrowest Mass
dare I say in ALL of Massachusetts

The subs are awesome as well!
Staff and owners are the BEST! Not only are they able to give you great food, but they really do pay attention to their customers. And make the Regulars feel like Family


Calzones are made to order -


Each calzone is made with ricotta and mozzarella cheese and add choose the rest!

Some suggestions & pricing:


Cheese    9.75 
    & any One Item    10.75
    & any Two Items   11.75
    & any Three Items   12.75
Chicken Parmigana   12.50
Eggplant Parmigana        12.50
Chicken & Broccoli    12.50
Buffalo Chicken with a side of Blue Cheese   12.50
Steak & Cheese   12.50
Bacon Cheeseburger      12.75
Prosciutto & Cheese   12.75
Italian Cold Cut (mortadella, capicola, & salami)   13.00
Hawaiian (ham & pineapple)   12.50
Veggie (mushrooms, peppers & onions)   12.75
Side of sauce    1.50